18 Exotic Animals Seized From 3 Passengers At Bengaluru Airport

New Delhi: Revenue intelligence officers have intercepted 3 passengers arriving from Bangkok at the Bengaluru airport and recovered 18 non-indigenous animals.


Starving dog just days from death is pictured peering out of house window

A starving dog just days from death was pictured peering out of the window of a house where it was locked in a filthy room with no water - the owner is now banned from owning animals for five years.


Stranded seal pup is rescued from outside seaside resort's kebab shop

A stranded seal pup has been rescued after it was spotted wandering past a seaside resort's arcade and kebab shop.

Elderly dog finally finds a loving owner after spending 15 years in a shelter

An elderly dog has finally found a new home after spending an astonishing 15 years waiting for the right owner to come along.