The Animal Rescue Society is here to help raise awareness of issues vital to the happiness, well-being and survival of all of our animal friends, from domestic pets suffering neglect, abuse or the loss of treasured humans, through the victims of cruel farming techniques to wild creatures threatened by habitat loss and other human pressures. With the help of generous regular supporters and one-off donors alike, we provide education, lobbying and helping small pro-animal welfare groups with publicity campaigns, grants and bursaries where together we do the most good.

  • Who

Several years ago, a group of individuals from all over Europe and America volunteering in the field of animal welfare and rescue came together to form the Animal Rescue Society. A collective for change in the battle to establish better care for animals through legislation and positive action.

We are a benevolent society and a campaign group. Many of our international campaign activities expose the inaction and lack of commitment from successive Government departments despite the many promises given. We believe a holistic approach where practical care, education and political lobbying/opinion forming is the only real way to combat the scourge of animal abuse

Animals are at the heart of everything we do. Each year, thousands of cats, dogs, small pets, horses and more are treated badly, exchanged, transported for their fur and more. Our aim is to raise awareness to this ever-growing problem and provide solutions to disrupt this lucrative international trade in misery and cruelty

  • Why

Develop awareness to create mutual collaboration and collective action to protect natural habitats and the wildlife therein. Stimulate communities, government institutions and private stakeholders to take an active role in the management and protection of forests.

  • How

Implement effective and/or innovative methods and approaches to reduce the trade in wild animals. Assist groups and individuals that ensure that animals remain safe in their habitat and that where/when appropriate, vulnerable animals are rescued, and to increase knowledge to expedite the release of animals into the wild. For animals that are not viable for release, provide sanctuary.

To lobby opinion formers and legislators world-wide to ensure the many injustices and criminal activities that cause so much animal suffering are highlighted so policy makers can take full account of the realities when formulating policy.

We have no full time paid staff and solely rely on people donating their time, skills and talents to operate the group for a better , more animal friendly world that we can all enjoy in harmony and respect with nature.


Animal Rescue Society
Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA