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HUNDREDS of endangered whales strand themselves on a remote Australian beach for a SECOND day

Hundreds of whales have become stranded after washing ashore on Tasmania's west coast - two years after Australia's biggest ever stranding in the same spot.

Monty Don says 'exhausted' new puppy unimpressed on first day of filming Gardeners' World

Gardeners’ World presenter Monty Don, 67, admitted his adorable new puppy Ned was “not impressed” on his first day of filming at the star’s house. The horticulturist went on to tell his 1.1 million Instagram followers that the tiny pup had been “exhausted” by today’s events.

Queen Elizabeth II's corgis and favourite pony attend funeral procession

The Queen’s beloved corgis and one of her favourite ponies played a poignant role in the final farewell to their devoted owner. The neatly groomed young dogs – Muick and Sandy – one on a red lead and one on a blue one – were brought into the Windsor Castle quadrangle for the arrival of the Queen’s coffin, ahead of her committal service in St George’s Chapel.

Animal charities overwhelmed with dogs dumped by people who can't afford to keep them

Pet homes say they're being inundated with requests to take in more and more pets - as their owners can no longer afford to care for them. With energy bills rocketing and the prices of food and essentials also increasing, some pet-owners feel they have no option but to give up their beloved pets and take them to a pet home or animal shelter, as they can't afford to feed them or pay their medical bills alongside severely increased living costs.


Ban the importation of Dog fur!

Factories in China have been exposed for using dog fur in clothing, clothing shipped directly to Britain. These poor dogs are beaten to within an inch of their lives, their genitals electrocuted before being skinned alive. IT NEEDS TO STOP!