More than 2,700 dangerous wild animals kept in UK homes

From camels in Wiltshire to bush vipers in Redditch, a veritable menagerie of wild animals is being kept in homes across Britain.

Family are jailed for £300,000 illegal puppy operation

A family of scammers have been jailed after making £300,000 by conning people into believing the puppies they were buying were much-loved pets when in reality the dogs were being bred and traded like 'commodities'.

Kookaburra spotted living in Suffolk countryside

A kookaburra has been spotted living wild in the Suffolk countryside.

The bird, which is a member of the kingfisher family, is native to Australia and is an unusual sight in the UK.

Zoo extracts coins from white alligator's stomach

An alligator at a US zoo had to undergo surgery after veterinarians discovered 70 coins in the animal's stomach.

The coins were found in a rare, 36-year-old leucistic alligator, which has translucent white skin and blue eyes.