Chickens called Pasta and Tesco pay visit to care home

TWO chickens with unusual names have spread some joy at an Oxfordshire care home.

Elderly residents have been taking part in a range of activities at homes across the county, to mark Care Home Open Week.

Britain's OCTOPUS boom! 

Huge numbers of octopus have been seen along Cornwall's coastline this month, in what experts are describing as a 'bumper year' for the species. 

How restoring native predators can help tackle the invasive species crisis – Dr Joshua P Twining and Professor Xavier Lambin

In Scotland, and across Britain and Ireland more widely, we have been particularly successful, long ago extirpating the last of the wolves and lynx with which we once shared ecosystems and confining other predators to small remnants of their historical ranges.

Last day of Yulin 2022... but it's NOT over