AARCS: Adopt Bond

“Hello! My name is Bond. I am a glutton for snuggles, attention and food!

I am the most wonderful cat you will ever know.” -- XO BOND Bond came to us after being in the shelter for a few months.


I knew we were supposed to give new fosters a quiet place to adjust, but Bond stuck to us like glue from day one. I am awestruck at how Bond has persevered through the tests and pokes from the veterinarians to get his blood sugar stabilized.

Today, he doesn’t flinch when he gets his insulin. Today he is healthy, if a little chubby, with a soft, thick, and shiny coat. Bond will steal your heart with his antics and bravado, his spa day video, and his attempted food robberies.

You can’t resist his sleepy, grumpy old man face when you wake him and his attempts to eat you with no teeth. Bond has stolen our hearts with his laid back attitude and flattened ear. He deserves so much more than a home….he deserves a family.


Editor's note: Please visit the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society website and help Bond by giving whatever you can to this fantastic organisation. Who knows maybe you probably could end up adopting Bond or one of the many desperate animals looking for a safe and loving home!