Norwich train halted to rescue tortoise stuck on tracks

Trains have faced delays and cancellations for a host of reasons recently including extreme heat and strikes. But passengers on a train heading to Norwich were left in disbelief when their train was halted due to a Giant African Spurred Tortoise making his way across the tracks.

Deer sparks major rescue operation after being chased into the sea by dog

A deer sparked a major rescue operation when it was chased into the sea by a dog.

The adult Roe Deer was discovered on the beach between the Western Lawns and Hollywell in Eastbourne.

Forever homes sought for adorable rescue puppies that usually cost thousands

The RSPCA is appealing to find forever homes for a group of rescue pups that normally cost thousands when bought from a breeder.

The toy poodles crossbreeds, who have been staying at the charity's Sheffield Animal Rescue Centre, are old enough to be placed into new homes.

Sheep rescued from Bridgewater Canal

A SHEEP was rescued from a canal.

Two firefighters, wearing special wet suits, went into the Bridgewater Canal at Red Brow Lane in Daresbury to lead the animal to safety.