Bristol tenant who abused landlord's dogs given animal ban

A man who was caught on camera violently abusing his landlord's dogs has been handed a 10 year animal ban and a suspended prison sentence.

Michal Kulesza, 46, was filmed kicking and punching the dogs, causing them to yelp and scream in pain.

He had moved in as a lodger on Chepstow Road, in Bristol, in December 2021, where his landlord, who also lived in the house, owned two Jack Russells.

The landlord set up CCTV after the dogs started behaving nervously.

The RSPCA prosecuted Kulesza, now of Aviemore, Scotland, after they were handed 25 video clips - taken in just two days - showing the repeated abuse of the dogs, Rocky and Sonia.

In one of the clips, he kneels in front of Rocky on the bed and raises his arm with a clenched fist.

He then brings it down on Rocky with considerable force four times, before changing his swing and punching the dog a further seven times, while the dog yelps with each blow he receives.

The RSPCA said that in none of the clips are the dogs misbehaving in any way and the violence is unprovoked.

Kulesza pleaded guilty to two animal welfare offences and appeared before Bristol Magistrates' Court on 28 October where he was sentenced to 42 weeks in custody, suspended for two years.

RSPCA solicitor Lindi Meyer, who represented the animal welfare charity in court, said: "The landlord installed CCTV in the kitchen and the living room and informed the defendant that he was doing so.

"On 29 March, he was able to download and view footage which showed Kulesza violently abusing his dogs on a number of occasions - particularly singling out Rocky for the abuse.

"Rocky was subjected to and suffered repeatedly from acute pain and some of this would become more chronic - and the tail pull injury would have been particularly painful."

As well as the suspended sentence Kulesza was also ordered to carry out 250 hours unpaid work and 20 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days and must pay £200 costs and a £128 victim surcharge.