Arsonists kill more than one million bees

A beekeeper has spoken of his devastation after arsonists killed more than one million bees by dousing his hives in petrol and setting them alight. 

Mariusz Chudy, 52, from Sneinton, Nottingham, found three of his hives completely destroyed and three others partially burned when he arrived at his site at around 6pm on Saturday.

He said he was heartbroken when he found the 'terrifying' scene on his site in Kinoulton, Rushcliffe, which he claims killed around one million bees, who he considers to be 'like family' to him.

The father-of-three said he had not yet calculated how much money he had lost but estimated the value of each hive to be between £1,200 and £1,500, the BBC reported.

Mr Chudy, who has kept bees for more than 30 years, told the publication: 'I do not understand these people. I am totally devastated. They have killed six colonies and all the equipment - and I don't know why.' 

As well as his hives being set alight, his Nottinghamshire field had also been doused in petrol, according to the beekeeper, who had built the 20 beehives himself.

He added: 'Petrol was poured all over the field. I am just heartbroken and completely devastated.

'I could not believe my eyes and cannot imagine who would do this. This is my life and someone has taken this away from me. It is a nightmare, just horrible.'

Nottinghamshire Police, who are currently investigating the incident, described the 'malicious' attack as a 'deliberately cruel act' which has devastated the beekeeper.