Asiatic cheetah Homino spotted in Bafgh for first time in years

Naiereh Pourmolaei, director-general of the Environment Department of Yazd Province in southeast Iran said on Monday that two environmental police officers who were patrolling in Ariz Wildlife Sanctuary in Bafgh county spotted a male Asiatic cheetah called Homino and started filming it.

The director-general added that after reviewing the images by wildlife experts, the Yazd Province's environment department realized that he was the same cheetah that had been registered as "Homino."

She also noted that the cheetah was named Homino after it was first spotted near Homino river in the area 8 year ago.

The official further said that the Homino was last seen 6 years ago.

Pourmolaei added that a study is underway to find out the exact population of the Asiatic cheetah in the southeastern province.