Aslan supports the Oldies Club

All of us who have been involved with dog re-homing are familiar with the sad eyes of an elderly dog who never gets picked as would-be adopters walk past his cage door time and time again. But for the lucky ones, the Oldies Club does a wonderful job encouraging people to give a second chance to a loyal old dog.


With local branches and volunteers all over the UK, the Oldies Club is able to make a huge difference to the lives of older dogs. But, of course, such wonderful work costs money, so the Club is always looking for ways to raise extra funds.

The picture above is from the front cover of their 2020 Calendar, which has just been released for sale to dog-lovers everywhere.

You can help the Oldies Club and have a really unusual and appealing doggie calendar for just £7.50 including p&p. Just visit their website and take it from there. Aslan says ‘thanks’!

Editor's note: While this video is from America, it absolutely sums up the problem – and the dog-loving Oldies’ answer, in Britain too!