Baby zebra dies after running into gate

A "BELOVED" zebra foal has died in a tragic incident at a wildlife conservation park in Bristol after running into a gate while playing.

Wild Place Project said Wallace sustained "critical injuries" after "running at speed into a gate". Despite the best efforts of vets, the decision was made to put the young zebra to sleep.

The wildlife conservation park said keepers are closely watching Wallace's mother Florence and father Peter following the incident last week. 

It added that Wallace had brought "so much joy" to staff and visitors since his birth on April 16.

Wild Place Project, which is run by the Bristol Zoological Society and is the sister site of Bristol Zoo, announced the sad news about Wallace on Facebook on Tuesday.

It said: "It is with great sadness that we share the news of the death of our beloved Wallace, one of three zebras at Wild Place Project, on Wednesday 11 May.

"The young foal sustained critical injuries after running at speed into a gate on Tuesday afternoon.

"The animal team at Wild Place Project immediately provided care, and called Bristol Zoological Society’s veterinary team to attend.

"However despite their best efforts, his injuries were severe and the veterinary team made the sad and very difficult decision to put Wallace to sleep.

"From the moment Wallace was born on 16 April, he brought so much joy to our keepers, our wider team of staff and volunteers, and our visitors.

"Our keepers are keeping a close eye on Wallace’s mother Florence, and father, Peter."