Bear cub rescued and nursed back to health

An adorable bear cub was found lost in the wilderness without his mother by a Turkish rescue centre in Hakkari, a nearby province on the Turkish border with Iraq.

After being separated from its mother in Hakkari, Turkish rescue workers brought the bear cub to Van for treatment, feeding Hakvan every three hours and keeping him under supervision.

Professor Lokman Aslan, the director of the center, told reporters that the centre treats dozens of injured animals brought in every year but bears are rarely seen in east Turkey.

'(Hakvan) is fine now. He was fed and released back to the spot where he lost his mother but he could not locate her,' he said according to The Frontier Post. 'So, we took him here. He has the perfect habitat here similar to his natural habitat.'

More bears have been spotted close to the area in recent times, however. Aslan said they most recently treated two adult bears who were injured.

'We will apply a special rehabilitation process for him but he will be a longtime guest here,' Aslan added. It is not clear at what point the rescue centre will attempt to reintroduce Harkvan back into the wild.