Boy jumps into freezing water, saves drowning horse

A teenage boy has jumped into freezing water to save a drowning horse, holding its head above water for more than an hour until help finally arrived.

Cameron Martin, 13, was hailed a ‘little hero’ for leaping into a canal at a farm on the Norfolk Broads after noticing Domino the horse seemingly trying to force his head under water.

Cameron used all his might to hold the horse’s head up while he screamed out for help.

The boy’s panicked friends had no idea where he was until they saw him ‘gesticulating’ in a canal at the edge of the farm.

Cameron was relieved of his duties when help finally arrived as more people jumped in the water.

A rope was attached around the horse’s neck before he was pulled from the muddy water to safety by an excavator.

Tanya Docwra-Smith, who was looking after Cameron, said the young lad was ‘freezing and distraught’ but determined to see Domino live.

She said: ‘The scene was horrible: the horse had weeds trapped under its nose and it was clearly in pain.

‘Cameron was freezing and distraught. But he was adamant that we saved the horse’s life.’

Domino is now in good spirits and gives Cameron ‘a little whinny’ every time he sees him, Ms Docwra-Smith said.

She said: ‘Not even an adult would have the guts to do what he did.’