Disabled British Bulldog found abandoned on the side of the road

A DOG found abandoned on the side of a dual-carriageway could have been brought to the UK "suspiciously", says the Protection of Animals in Wales Society (PAWS).

The dog, now nicknamed Rosie, was taken to the PAWS centre in Conwy, north Wales Staff realised she was chipped, but it was blank and had never been registered. Upon further investigation, PAWS discovered the microchip was from Russia, and staff suspected she had possibly been brought into the country illegally.

An appeal has now been launched by PAWS to find out what happened to Rosie. Speaking to North Wales Live, the charity says if an owner has not come forward within a week it will begin the process of rehoming her.

Steve Belgrau, the founder of PAWS, said: "We have genuine concerns regarding her condition and how this came to be. She has scar tissue on her underside, deformed teats that drag and prevent her from walking properly, injuries to her paws and what appears to be an infected and smelly tail stump.

"Although it's obvious she's been bred, she currently appears to not be producing milk. If you recognise this dog as yours or belonging to someone you know please get in touch.

"We have logged a call with Conwy and Denbighshire Council out of hours, checked doglost.co.uk and we've also spoken with the police to advise of the situation but unfortunately, none of these organisations have had any calls to report a dog of this breed missing either recently or in the area.

"After checking the systems we had access to such as PeddyMark and AnimalTracker with no results found, we contacted all the other microchipping companies in the UK and to our surprise, none could locate this chip.

"One call handler mentioned something of interest though, and said that her rescue dog had the same prefix and was from abroad. After an internet search we concluded that the chip was indeed a Russian chip called a FelixCan chip, so armed with the country of origin, a rough age of Rosie and her microchip number we spoke to several agencies including UK Customs Animal import and Export but they concluded that it would be like finding a needle in a haystack as it was likely that she may have originally come to the country suspiciously.

"If an owner cannot be traced within seven days, then we will continue with the veterinary treatment required and look to place them in a new home once recovered. If you saw anything suspicious or strange at all, please get in touch so we can try to find out what's happened to this poor girl."