Cat Rescue birthday party for oldest resident as she turns 22

A Shropshire cat charity will be hosting a birthday party for its oldest resident, Molly, who is turning 22 – around 104 in human years.

The calico cat is celebrating her 22nd birthday today, February 8 – four years since she was taken in to the care of Shropshire Cat Rescue.

The charity has been caring for and re-homing rescued and unwanted cats and kittens for more than 21 years, in which time they have looked after more than 8,000 cats.

Staff and volunteers at the rescue centre have something special planned for Molly, which includes a birthday cake, banners and lots of her favourite treats.

Susie Phillips of Shropshire Cat Rescue said: "Molly is a typical calico, she does what she wants to do, she can be a little bit feisty. She's on arthritis medication, so vets have to bribe her with treats. She's like the supervisor of the 'retirement village'.

"The Wednesday morning team are holding a little celebration and wishing her a happy birthday so she is going to get extra treatment."