Cat brings her six kittens to see the woman who helped her

During the summer, a woman called Lisianne caught sight of a fluffy cat in her garden in Québec, Canada.

As it seemed hungry, she got some food from the kitchen and gave it something to eat.

Soon, the cat was coming back every day for food and the pair built up a relationship.

Realising it was a girl, Lisianne named her Usagi.

But soon Lisianne noticed that the animal was pregnant as her belly got bigger.

Eventually, the cat gave birth and Lisianne didn’t see her but she soon returned, this time bringing each of her babies to show her.

A post on Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local rescue group, explains: ‘She brought her six babies back and she set up her nest at the lady’s house. Their good fairy decided to help this little family and they secured them a home. The mom and her six babies were finally safe.’

Once the kittens were old enough to be away from their mother, she gave one to a friend and the others were given to the rescue group to be rehomed, while Lisianne decided to keep Usagi.

The five babies – three girls and two boys – were named Taylor, Tynie, Tyana,Tales and Tito.

They all had breathing issues, which are being treated and Tito has a problem with one of his legs and may need to have it amputated later in life.

The kittens are now getting more used to humans and the rescue said they are looking for ‘families for life’.