Police identify suspect in hunt for 'cat killer' of Leamington Spa

Police have identified a suspect in the hunt for the brute who savagely kicked an innocent cat into a road in a horrifying moment caught on camera.

The black, grey and white moggy died days later - with his heartbroken owner blaming the 'awful' man after she came downstairs and found him earlier this week.

In the shocking footage Lenny the cat can be seen minding his own business and calmly watching the cruel elderly dogwalker - who police say is set to be interviewed.

The brute then lashes out with his foot as he walks past the little cat - sending it flying into the air before he lands sprawling on the tarmac.

A spokesperson for Warwickshire Police said: 'We understand residents have been left shocked and appalled by this incident and we would like everyone to know that a criminal investigation is underway.

'A suspect has been identified and arrangements have made to interview him.

'We will continue to update the public on the progress of this investigation.'

Lenny's distraught owner said that he was the 'street's cat' - and his friendly presence was a familiar comfort to the whole neighbourhood.

She said: 'At first I was just gobsmacked - I was like: 'How can you do that?'

'It's just a shock to a lot of people in the street. Even people that came around the area to walk their dogs - he wasn't even bothered.

'So for that man to do what he did - he wouldn't have even gone up to his dog.

'He's so used to people passing him and just being friendly.'

'After it happened he stayed in the house a lot more, didn't want to go out. He just literally went downhill from there.'

The shocking footage shows the man initially approaching his Alsatian-type dog - appearing to shout: 'Tasha! Here.'

He goes on to aggressively shake the pup after putting the lead on it - before it follows behind him, her head drooping.

As he steps up to the pavement Lenny cautiously watches - keeping his distance as he calmly watches the scene.

But as he passes the man suddenly looks down and lashes out - catching the poor moggy under its belly and booting it into the air.

Landing sprawling on the pavement, Lenny quickly scrambles under a parked car to safety as the man glowers and walks on.

His heartbroken owner continued: 'It was shocking. And other people who have seen it - their reaction was exactly what mine was.

'We've had him since he was a kitten, since he was a 12 weeks old. He's a very friendly cat - we've lived here 23 years and he was just over 20.

'As much as a family cat he's the street's cat - anybody that walked past he would go up to and meow, just for a bit of attention.

'Even when the police came, he meowed at them even though he was quite poorly by the time they came round.

'After he was kicked we all noticed a lot of difference in him. He got slower and was just not him. He never used to want to be in all the time and he was in all the time.'

His owner says visitors from the local area came by to check he was ok before Lenny died.

Lenny's family only found out about the attack after looking at the Ring doorbell footage on their phones, and the attack has left her children, grandchildren and other cat Lily - Lenny's niece - devastated.

She continued: 'I think I just want to know what was going around in his head to do something like that.

'I just think its awful. It's very frustrating and upsetting just to see it.

'For him to be allowed to keep his own dog with how he treated it in the street - I dread to think what it's like behind closed doors.'