Lucky cat rescued from washing machine after owner started a 30 minute cycle

An incredibly lucky cat has escaped unscathed after his owner accidentally locked him in the washing machine and set it going.

Long haired cat, Optimus Jack, used up one of his nine lives when he crept into the washing machine while owner, Janae Blackman, 22, had her back turned.

An oblivious Janae loaded the machine, setting it for a 30-minute spin.

Luckily, when quick thinking Janae, from New York, heard a thud in the washer, she quickly stopped the wash and rescued her moggy.

‘I’m just thankful we can stop the washing machine, because not everyone’s washing machine does that – but when I stop mine the water drains out.’

Janae pulled the cat to safety, but he wasn’t best pleased about getting so wet.

‘He had only been in there for about a minute but it could have been a lot worse,’ she says.

‘I got him out, examined him and dried him off. I just couldn’t believe it had really happened.'

Luckily, the nine-month-old cat wasn’t harmed, but Janae said he’s learned his lesson, and hasn’t napped in the washing machine since.

‘He stares at the washing machine when a load is in and it looks like he’s thinking how evil it is,’ says Janae.

‘He’s definitely learned his lesson.

‘We named him after Optimus Prime because he’s a leader, and Jack Sparrow because he’s so curious.

‘He has a great personality.’