53 Snakes Among Animals Found In Abandoned Bags At Chennai Airport

Two bags containing snakes, monkeys and tortoises were found at Chennai Airport, India, last week, officials said. The unattended bags were spotted by customs officials near the baggage claim belt at the airport on Wednesday.

On examining the contents of the bags, officials found 45 Ball Pythons, three Marmoset monkeys, three Star Tortoise and eight Corn Snakes.

Further investigation is underway.

The rescued animals were deported to Bangkok the next day under the deportation order issued by the Department of Animal Quarantine and Certification Services.

There have been several cases of exotic animals being seized at Chennai Airport in the last few months. In November, two Pygmy Marmosets and two Dusky Leaf Monkeys were found in the baggage of an arriving passenger.

The month before that several common dwarf mongoose and common spotted cuscus were seized by Chennai Customs officers.