Chessington World of Adventures welcomes new penguin chicks

Chessington World of Adventures has welcomed more than just new visitors since lockdown has eased.

The family-favourite resort has welcomed five new chicks to its colony of Humboldt penguins, a vulnerable species typically found along the coasts of Chile and Peru.

The fuzzy hatchlings come as a result of the resort's breeding programme, which aims to increase the number of the vulnerable creatures that call Chessington home.

Humboldt penguins typically mate for life, choosing a partner and forming a strong connection that lasts their entire lives.

This year, five different couples in the colony whose members range from 22 months to 25 years old, successfully hatched a chick.

Penguins Cooper and Kon's chick hatched April 16; Caleta and Inti's, April 19; Poco and Atl's, April 21; Barnicle and Nautilus, April 26 and Kammy (named after ex-footballer, Chris Kamara, following a visit last year in which the now presenter bonded with the colony of penguins) and Junior's on May 7 – the chicks are still to be named.