Investigation after chickens killed and glasses smashed

Five chickens were reportedly killed by children and police are appealing for information.

Officers are investigating after the birds were found dead – with one having been torched on a bonfire – following a number of incidents near Ashford in Kent over the weekend.

The gruesome discovery was made at Green Farm in Shadoxhurst after three young people – two boys and one girl – were seen acting suspiciously in the area.

Martin Richmond-Coggan, who runs the farm, holiday let and spa with his wife Mary-Ann, said that they had "no doubt" the chickens had been killed by a person.

"We are still piecing it together with the rest of the community, but we believe these three youths climbed over the fence and got hold of five chickens," he said.

"After they left a neighbour saw them down the road and thought they were acting a bit suspiciously. She co-owns the chickens and had actually been on her way to shut them in for the night.

"We found four bodies in the pen, and after doing a count we thought they had got another three."

Thankfully, the owners found two terrified survivors huddling elsewhere in the hutch. However, a worse discovery was to come.

"A dog walker had seen the three lying in a field in the area, and asked them what they were doing," Mr Richmond-Coggan explained.

"They rather sneeringly retorted that they were cooking chicken."

Sure enough, a few hours later a bonfire was found with the charred remains of the farm's missing chicken.

The horrifying find followed reports of three children causing chaos at the Kings Head pub in the village.

The trio reportedly smashed two drinking glasses, broke a window and pulled the fire alarm after being asked to leave the Woodchurch Road inn.