Gang of men kick pet chickens like footballs and swing them by feet in vile CCTV

A gang of men have been caught on camera swinging helpless chickens by their feet and ‘kicking them like footballs’ after breaking into a rural coop. The shocking incident took place on private land near Airdrie, Scotland, in the early hours of Tuesday, July 19, leaving the animals ‘absolutely terrified’.

After being beaten and kicked, two Brahma chickens - named Rex and Jock - were stolen by the gang, sparking fears from their owner that they’re unlikely to have survived their horrific ordeal. Kayleigh Neilson has shared footage of the five men, who are believed to be in their 30s and 40s, and is asking anyone who recognises the voices to contact police.

The sickening footage shows the animals being chased and abused with their frightened cries echoing through the night as the men laugh and talk amongst themselves. One man can then be heard saying: “We’re going on a journey.”

Police Scotland have confirmed they are investigating reports of stolen livestock with enquiries ongoing.