What Christmas leftovers can you safely feed cats and dogs?

More than a fifth of us plan to treat our pets with Christmas dinner leftovers this year, according to a new survey by national pet charity, Blue Cross.

But the festive season will can be confusing and overwhelming for our animals and 12% of pets across the country are about to celebrate Christmas for the first time.

This all sounds like a lot of fun; however, the charity say it also presents a world of hidden dangers, from toxic treats and dangerous decorations to poisonous plants and stressful sounds.

What have pets been caught eating that they shouldn’t?

Kitchen caution needs to be exercised, with 15% of pet owners admitting they’ve caught their pets eating mince pies, 11% have walked in to find them chomping into Christmas cake and pudding.

Even though it’s a time for sharing, what people might not know, is that dried fruit, grapes, alcohol, raisins and sultanas can cause kidney failure in cats and dogs.

It’s not just the food, we also need to be careful when decorating, as pets have also been caught munching tinsel (13%) holly (8%) ivy (7%) and even potpourri! (7%)!

Blue Cross pet charity is highlighting the effects an over indulgent Christmas can have on our furry friends. The advice comes as the charities vets reveal they end up operating most years on animals who have eaten and drank things they shouldn’t at Christmas.