Consider animals when setting off fireworks

An animal charity is urging those wanting to welcome in the New Year by setting off fireworks- to be considerate of animals living nearby.

It comes as the RSPCA receives around 400 calls a year from across England and Wales- about how distressing the loud noises and bright lights can be to people's pets.

Suzanne Norbury is from the RSPCA:

"We have seen some awful incidents where horses have become so distressed by fireworks that they have lost their lives. We know that the volume of fireworks can be so great these days that it's very different to what it was in the past.

"Pet owners can do stuff like popping on the radio, so there's sound in the background and it's distracting their animals from what's going on outside.

"We know that around 3/4 of people want the Government to limit when fireworks can be set off- with them only to be allowed to be used around celebrations.

"We're calling for that limit of sale, a reduction in sale and the implementation of control zones.

"We'd encourage people to have a chat with their neighbours who own pets or livestock, if they're thinking of putting on a display."