Cora & Ollie - living the dream in the English Meadows

A lovely update from Ollie & Ethel (she was once called Cora) from their forever family.

Despite being adopted two years apart, Ollie and Ethel appear to be soulmates. Who’d have guessed it?

They are such gorgeous dogs. Fellow dog walkers describe Ollie as the ‘personality on four legs’ and knowing how nervous Ethel used to be, she makes them feel so happy when she welcomes their strokes and hellos.

Ethel is such a laid back girl, she counters Ollie’s need to be on duty 24/7, and wears him out nicely with all their playing so he has no choice but to relax.

Ollie has enjoyed teaching Ethel the joys of cat chasing, passed to him by our late Shambles (She appears to have taught him well 🙄), and that humans can’t bear to be alone without their dogs at bedtime. 

Editor's note: Story originally sourced from the Noahs Ark Mazarron Facebook page. You can also visit their website and help support their work rescuing unwanted Spanish dogs.