Cruel thug scalded pups and stubbed cigarettes on them

A cruel dog owner who stabbed his two bull terrier puppies, scalded them with hot liquid and stubbed cigarettes out on them has been jailed for 16 weeks.

Isaac Campbell, 29, was also banned from keeping animals for life after the RSPCA uncovered he had subjected his puppies to shocking abuse.

A court heard inspectors from the animal charity were called over concerns for the welfare of the two dogs - named Sian and Frankie - in March 2020.

The dogs were found at an address in Nottingham, where they were seized by police and placed in the care of the RSPCA.

Sian and Frankie, both around six-months-old, had shocking wounds on their body and were rushed for urgent vet treatment.

Sian was found to have extensive burns down her side from having hot liquid poured over her, and there was a large wound down the back of her skull and neck.

Frankie had two injuries on his legs - believed to be partially healed cigarette burns - as well as a puncture wound to his face, consistent with being stabbed.

Campbell, of Codnor, Derbys, was found guilty at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates' Court of two offences of causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs.

Sentencing him to 16 weeks in prison, District Judge Johnathan Taff condemned Campbell's actions as 'sustained and systemic cruelty'.

He added: 'The defendant caused unnecessary suffering - quite deliberately and then it was unforgivable not to seek immediate veterinary treatment for the injuries he caused.'

A vet who examined the dogs said: 'On Frankie I found on the wrist a circular skin lesion next to a small healed skin lesion.

'On the right toe was also an healed lesion of similar appearance, as these had healed with unhaired scar tissue they were older healed wounds of unknown cause but had the appearance of puncture wound or cigarette burn.

'On the right side of face was a fresh circular wound close to the eye which was about 10 mms in diameter and was about 3-7 days old.

'The wound on the face was deeper and more extensive such as a puncture wound by a sharp object.

'The young female walking with a stiff, unsteady and laboured gait on her hindlegs. She was struggling to weight-bear.

'There were skin scabs over her nose and throat, fresh flat skin lesions over her ribs and involving the armpit with painful crusts and reddened and ulcerated lesions in a distinctive 'dribble' pattern.'

The vet added: 'The pattern and flat appearance of the skin lesions is consistent with liquid burns caused by hot liquid poured over her back from a height.

'She exhibited pain reaction and skin hypersensitivity over her entire torso.'

Campbell left court before his sentence was passed on February 28, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Police arrested the abuser the following day, and he was taken into custody. As part of his sentence he was also ordered to pay £200 costs and a £122 victim surcharge.

While in RSPCA care both dogs showed aggressive tendencies and the male dog bit an inspector as she took him for veterinary treatment.

He would not let go of her arm and assistance was required and the dog became aggressive towards veterinary staff who tried to intervene.

Days later the female dog also attacked a vet during treatment - and again assistance was needed before she would let go.

They were taken to a dog behavioural therapist who worked with them both for 18 months but no progress was made.

The specialist was unable to handle the dogs despite all the training. As as they could not be rehomed, they were put to sleep for safety reasons.