Man banned from keeping animals avoids jail after cruel treatment of dogs and puppies

A man already banned from keeping animals left dogs without fresh water and puppies in their own faeces.

Daniel King Snr, from Ditton, Kent, narrowly avoided going to prison, but has been given a lifetime order stopping him from owning pets.


The 43-year-old was sentenced at Maidstone Magistrates Court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to causing to causing unnecessary suffering to a tan, male lurcher and failing to take steps to ensure that the needs of five dogs and three puppies were met to the extent required by good practice.

The offences took place between October 23 and November 20 last year.

Other offences, including causing unnecessary suffering to an apricot male cavapoo puppy and a white female setter, and for breaching a 20-year conviction of being disqualified for keeping animals were dismissed.

RSPCA officers carried out a warrant alongside police at 8.10am on November 19, 2021.

The animal charity presented multiple videos as evidence of the conditions on-site, which were played in court.

One of the videos depicted two kennels, which had metal bars at the front and were attached to an adjoining shed.

RSPCA inspector Will Rippon, who assisted with the investigation, said there was a "very smelly" aroma.

He noted one dog’s behaviour in particular, who was walking round in circles, which he said was "very concerning”.

Mr Rippon added that there was an open bag of dry dog food outside the kennels, and above, on a window ledge, was a bottle of bleach.

Another video showed the conditions inside the shed where three puppies were living, none of which had access to water.

The officer said there was a “foul smell and a pile up of mouldy faeces”.

He also showed the wooden gate keeping the puppies inside was drilled with nails, explaining that there was no easy access to get to the dogs, and would need a screwdriver to remove.

Mr Rippon found two metal tins on the ground - one had been chewed all the way round and a bottle of Drontal puppy worming liquid that was embedded in poo.

Eight dogs, including lurchers and cavapoos, found at the property were seized.

Vet Jeremy Stattersfield assessed a male lurcher and discovered he had multiple lesions on both legs and paws, which he said was “typical of kennel sores”.

The dog also had fur loss and sore gums, which “suggested it was chewing on something that has done damage”.

Last year, King, along with his son Danny King Junior, 22, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a black poodle and failing in a duty of responsibility for the welfare of eight dogs.

King Jr was additionally charged with killing a badger in 2018.

Chairman of the bench, Adrian Atmore, told King he had "a total disregard for animals".

He also added that King was very lucky not to go prison.

Mr Atmore said the sentence reflected the state that the animals were in, which was "a dirty, soiled, unsuitable environment, including hazards such as broken glass and an open drain".

Daniel King Snr was given an 160-day sentence, suspended for two years, and has been banned from keeping animals for life.

All other animals on his property will be seized and he must wait at least 10 years until he can apply for a lift of the ban.

He was also ordered to complete 300 hours unpaid work and a rehabilitation activity requirement, as well as paying £800 to the court and a £120 victim surcharge.