Elephant cuddles her missing calf days after reunion

Aerial shots have shown the touching moment a mother elephant cuddled her calf upon reuniting, days after the baby was separated from its herd.

The young elephant, aged between four and five months, can be seen nestled tightly with its mother after park officials relocated it following its disappearance on December 29.

The calf had been alone in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu, India.

Supriya Sahu, the Chief Secretary of Environment in Tamil Nadu, wrote on X, formerly Twitter: "Our foresters united a lost baby elephant with her mother and the herd after rescue in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve at Pollachi.

"The little calf was found searching for the mother when field teams spotted her.

"With the help of drones & experienced forest watchers the herd was located and the tiny calf was safely reunited.

"Teams are still on ground for monitoring."

The youngster's family had walked 2.5 miles from the baby.