Concern after fourth dead otter found in Stanwick

Concern has been raised following the discovery of a fourth dead otter in a short space of time.

Northants Police is working with the Environment Agency following the discovery in the Stanwick area this week.

But sadly this is not the first animal to have been found dead recently, with another three otters making it four in total.

A spokesman for Northants Police’s Rural Crime Team said: “We don’t often get reports of dead otters but this is the fourth one that has been found in a short space of time - three were found on the A45 having been hit by vehicles, and this one has been found away from the road with no clear signs of how it has died.

"This fourth one does raise concern and so to establish whether it has died of natural causes or a potential wildlife crime with the support of the Environmental Agency, we are sending him off for a post mortem examination.”

Otters are designated and protected as European protected species (EPS).

EPS are protected under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017.