Dog Found Covered in Tar and Stuck to Pavement Makes Incredible Transformation

Champi was barely recognizable as a dog when staff at an animal rescue center in Solapur, India found her on the side of the road.

The dog was "stuck to the pavement, unable to move" and "covered with coal tar and debris" before being taken in by the staff at Animal Rahat.

It took them four days to fully clean Champi — carefully removing the tar and debris from her skin using vegetable and coconut oil to keep the process as pain-free as possible.

"Champi must have been so uncomfortable, but she was brave through it all," a video from Animal Rahat, which translates to "relief," said.

The video shows Champi, initially barely moving and covered in debris, transforming into a happy and playful pup. Over time, her skin healed and she is now covered in a full coat of brown and white fur.

Now she lives with one of her rescuers and is surrounded by other animals, including fellow dogs and some chickens.

"Despite the ordeal, her sweet and playful personality began to shine through, and when she was finally tar-free, one of her rescuers made her part of his family," Animal Rahat said in the video description. "Now, her fur has grown back and she spends her days running in the fields at her new home and playing with her animal friends, including some rescued chickens."

"Nothing can hold her back from living her best life," the video text added.