Dog rescued from England's highest peak after refusing to walk back downhill

A mountain rescue team was called with an unusual request last weekend after a dog refused to descend England's highest peak. Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was forced to stretcher an "injured and exhausted" pooch off Scafell Pike on Saturday, May 13. The team completed a nearly 2,000m round-trip with the dog's owners in tow following a busy day of rescues in the Lake District.

Keswick MRT said rescuers were called to Grains Gill at approximately 6.25pm on May 13 with the request and ventured out to find to pooch "high up" the route and injured.

The dog was placed on a stretcher inside a fleeced casualty "cas" bag and tucked in as the team trekked 3,209 feet (978 metres) back down the mountain to ground level.

Pictures show the team scaling the rocky path back down to Seathwaite Farm, with the dog carried between six people.

The team said that, while the dog was large - weighing approximately 33kg - it was a "joy" to carry given its weight compared to the average human.

They confirmed that they successfully returned to ground level without issue while accompanied by its owners.

The rescuers said the operation required 13 team members and took four hours and 18 minutes to complete.