Dog saved after losing her nose due to BRUTAL attack

Five-year-old Maggie has a new home after she was tied to a box in Lebanon and shot 17 times. She also had her ear cut off and her jaw broken, before being left with bullet wounds all over her body, and no eyes.

One-year-old puppy, Millie, from Russia lost her nose after being brutally attacked by children. Millie was left in terrible condition when she had her 'face bashed in' and was shot twice, with two pellets remaining in her head. She has now also been adopted by Maggie's new family.

Kasey told how she stumbled across Millie through Instagram, where she runs therapy dog Maggie's hugely popular account, and made the decision to save the dog after seeing the 'horrific' condition she was left in. 

She said: 'Maggie has a big following and through that we found Millie and the first video I saw of her was just horrific. We fund-raised the surgery within six days 

Despite her severe injuries, it is clear that Millie 'wanted to survive' and now is 'enjoying life' with Kasey.

Vet Dr Scott Miller Kasey said: 'Millie here was a few months old when she was cruelly attacked by some children. She had her face bashed in and when they thought they had gone too far, they tried to shoot her. But it didn't work. 

'She still has pellets in her head, even now. What you can see is a dog that clearly wanted to survive. When you see injuries like that, sometimes it is the best thing to have the dog put to sleep. 

'This was a dog that had treatment and showed massive response. What we have now is a dog that's so affectionate, so sweet, and she's enjoying life.' 

Born as a stray in Russia, Millie was found dying on the streets by animal activists. 

When Millie was rescued from the cold, she was attempting to claw the rotten mess of her snout away from her own face.

After weeks of fund-raising and sending emails to the Russian animal sanctuary Vyberimenya where Millie was based, Kasey was able to negotiate Millie's evacuation to the UK.

Since arriving in the UK a little over a month ago, Millie has undergone further surgeries to help her lead a normal life. 

Her right eye was removed - because it was underdeveloped after bullet shrapnel became embedded during her painful formative months - and she had a new nose attached.

Dr Scott went on: 'What I get when I look at this face, is the fact that animal cruelty still exists in this world 

'The dogs don't hold it against us. They're so affectionate, even though we've been so horrible to them.'