Dog with the saddest eyes found abandoned and starving

This old, sad dog was found abandoned on the streets of Nafpactos, a town in western Greece. As beautiful as this town is, it has a long and sad history of abandonement, neglect and abuse when it comes to animals, especially dogs.

The sweet old girl, was found in terrible condition on the streets of the town, hungry and desperate, at an age when all she needed was warmth and love. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the residents are indifferent to any kind of animal suffering, and the animals of the whole area depend on four five volunteers for their wellbeing.

Love, as she was named by her rescuer, is elderly, and she has been neglected for a long time. She is a sheepdog, like the vast majority of the dogs in the area, that are abandoned once they grow old or get sick, just like the hunting dogs.

Love’s condition is stable for now. She has a tumor in her rear end, and she is so weak and malnourished that she can barely walk.

The volunteers hope that after her recovery, she can find a loving home where she will spend the time she has lef feeling loved.