Video of Men Allegedly Encouraging Dogs to Attack Pet Cat Sparks Probe

The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is investigating an incident in which two dog owners appeared to encourage an attack on a family cat.

Buddy the cat suffered life-threatening injuries after being attacked by two dogs and now faces surgeries. Video released by the PSPCA shows the dog owners verbally encouraging the attack, as they allowed it to continue.

As seen in the clip, posted online by the PSPCA, Buddy the cat seemingly noticed the dogs first, slipping through the railing that separates two porches.

The dog walkers initially continued to walk past the cat, before they both halted and dropped the leashes of the dogs, allowing them to both attack the cat.

As the dogs continued to maul the cat, not only did both owners simply stand by, one could even be heard encouraging them. He was caught on camera shouting: "Good boy" at the dog.

It was only when a man exited the house that they pulled their dogs away and began to leave.

Nicole Wilson, director of humane law enforcement and shelter operations, told CBS Philly: "It was a prolonged attack. It took a number of minutes and it was completely unnecessary. None of this had to happen."

Now, Buddy the cat is likely to have to undergo multiple surgeries to recover from the severe injuries. "There's extensive damage to his hind abdominal region so we're going to have to really try and sew him back together and hope for the best."

The PSPCA shared images of Buddy receiving treatment from multiple veterinary staff at the facility where he was transported to.

Luckily, X-rays showed that Buddy's back is not broken, meaning a full recovery could be possible.

In Pennsylvania, dog fighting is classed as a felony of the third degree when an individual "for amusement or gain, causes, allows or permits an animal to engage in animal fighting" or "in any way knowingly encourages, aids or assists therein."

Animal cruelty is also classed as a felony of the third degree if it "causes serious bodily injury to the animal" and a misdemeanour of the second degree it it "causes bodily injury to the animal or places the animal at imminent risk of serious bodily injury."