Maniac driver mowed down sheep before taking dying animals back to a party

A Maniac driver mowed down four sheep while doing ‘donut’ turns — then took the dead and dying beasts to a party.

Two of the animals hit by Jack Elder, 22, later had to be “put out of their misery”, a court heard.

The sickening incident came after the agricultural worker borrowed a motor while at a bash on a farm near Forfar, Scotland. 

Prosecutor Stuart Hamilton said he performed flashy manouevres in a field — despite a passenger warning of sheep being there.

The depute fiscal told the town’s sheriff court: “He struck a number of them. Two were dead and two others appeared paralysed but still alive.”

Elder put all four in the back of the pick-up and returned to the party.

Mr Hamilton added: “Two were seriously injured and suffering. A third party put them out of their misery.”

Two weeks later cops received an anonymous tip-off about the March 2021 horror — identifying Elder as the culprit.

They later found blood on the vehicle but the carcasses had disappeared. Elder, of Kirriemuir, Angus, admitted reckless driving, killing the sheep and putting his passenger in danger.

He was fined £900 but was allowed to keep his licence.