Dying bull breed dog is found dumped in a bin bag

The RSPCA are hunting a cruel pet owner after a dying dog was found dumped in a bin bag behind a Tesco supermarket.

The pooch, a bull breed, was discovered abandoned next to rubbish inside a tied black bin liner in Church Road, Yardley, Birmingham at 1.30pm on Sunday.

The dog possibly an XL Bully, was unable to stand because of breaks to his neck, back, legs and ribs, was covered in mange and severely underweight.

The neglected dog, which was around six months old, was rushed to Birmingham Animal Hospital - but he sadly died while on the treatment table.

The RSPCA say he may have been an XL Bully breed but because he was in such a bad condition it was impossible to tell.

RSPCA animal rescue officer, Beccie Doherty said: 'This poor dog was terrified and in pain, and covered in his own waste as he was unable to stand to go to the toilet.

'It's sickening that someone chose to treat an animal in this heartless way, and even more distressing to think they simply dumped him to die in a bag they decided to throw away.

'The people who found him kindly tried their best to make him comfortable.

'Sadly, he was barely alive when I arrived. He was completely emaciated, covered in mange, and had broken bones.

'I rushed him to RSPCA Birmingham Animal Hospital where vets and nurses tried everything to stabilise him but unfortunately he died on the table.

'I understand many people viewing these pictures will be shocked by how graphic they are.

'It's without a doubt distressing to see an animal who has been mistreated by humans in this way.

'This is the sad reality of animal rescue at a time we're seeing a rise in such cases.'

The RSPCA said the discovery of the dog comes at a time of an 'animal welfare crisis' when reports of animal neglect and abandonment are at a three-year high.

In 2023, the RSPCA received 72,050 reports about animal abandonment and neglect, higher than in 2022, 2021 and 2020.