Ed Sheeran installs frog-friendly fencing around his new private chapel

Ed Sheeran has erected newt and frog-friendly fencing around the site of his new private chapel as construction work continues at 'Sheeranville'.

The popstar, 30, put up the Heras mesh panels to try to keep amphibians out of the development at his £3.7million 'mini village' near Framlingham in Suffolk.

The move, revealed by the latest planning application, is understood to be to protect any great crested newts in his garden.

It comes after it emerged earlier this month Sheeran had submitted plans to build a burial chamber under the floor of the new boat-shaped church.

Photographs showed the place of chapel under construction and covered in scaffolding as plans for the burial zone - which would be accessed through a slab in the floor - were submitted.

The specialist amphibian fencing has been fitted around a temporary compound for material storage and tradesmen's parking in a secluded corner of Sheeran's estate.

The fencing provides protection for species including newts, toads, grass snakes and small mammals to prevent them from getting into harm on dangerous sites.

Sheeran's original chapel application was put on hold because Suffolk Wildlife Trust and locals had concerns about the effect on the area's great crested newt population.

There are records of the creatures in the area and there were concerns ponds within the boundaries could be breeding sites for them.

Sheeran's revised chapel plans were given the go-ahead two years ago and he has been working to make his estate eco-friendly.