Elephant stuck in mud, saved by rescuers

An African elephant was rescued last month after it become stuck in the mud and began sinking into the ground.

Dr Kieran Avery, 34, from Kenya, was part of the small team that made the dramatic rescue of the female elephant after she became stuck in the waters on the edge of a dam.

The veterinary surgeon and conservationist took images of the elephant in June after receiving a call from the local community to inform him that an elephant had become stuck at in Isiolo County in Kenya.

A small team of rescuers were called to the scene by concerned locals who found the elephant stuck in the mud.

With past experience of rescuing elephants from similar predicaments, the team knew they only needed a few tools - including straps and a tractor - to pull off the rescue operation.

Kieran says that the process involves carefully positioning the straps in a way that will allow the tractor to pull her out and ensuring that the elephant doesn't grab you with her trunk which would result in serious injury to the team.

Dr Avery said they put the straps around the elephant, and gently pulled it from the muddy prison until she was well clear. Having been left behind by her heard, she ran off after them once she regained her energy.

It took the team an hour and a half to free the stuck elephant.