Emergency moon Bear Cub Rescue Laos

If you've been following our Facebook feed you'll know that we are right now in the mountains of northern Laos rescuing two moon bear cubs.

The great news is that we've picked them up and they appear healthy.

BREAKING NEWS: Our government partners mentioned to us that they had heard of 3 other bears. We decided to investigate joined by Ministry officials and Police. We've now arrived at the first location to find two more moon bear cubs being held in a factory.

There's a tense stand-off but it looks as though we may be able to rescue these babies. But we NEED YOUR HELP. We weren't prepared for additional rescues, a costly exercise.

Please if you can visit www.freethebears.org to make a donation to allow us to rescue these additional bears. If we don't rescue them today, we'll never get another chance.

Please follow our Facebook page for the latest updates. Www.facebook.com/freethebearsfund (you don't need to be a Facebook user to view our page)

Thank you.

Editor's note: They did it! A planned rescue of 2 small cubs (male, female, approx 3 months old) was followed by an unplanned rescue of 2 older cubs (male, female approx. 7 months) and then a larger male cub. Please see video below: