Dog owners warned after seizure of 38 pups with exaggerated features

Dog owners have been issued with a warning over breeds with exaggerated figures.

Hope Rescue have called on Britons to avoid buying breeds with features such as thick nose ropes, fluffy coats and desirable colouring.

It comes after 38 French Bulldogs were signed over to the organisation by Cardiff City Council after it was awarded ownership of the dogs as part of a seizure.

The founder of the charity, Vanessa Waddon, told Martin Daubney and Pip Thomson about the heartbreaking seizure under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

“Most of the dogs coming in had breathing problems, they’re going to need surgery just to live normal lives”, she said.

“They also have problems with their eyes. They have problems with just being a dog, they get out of breath exercising.

“We’re really urging the public to not buy these dogs. Don’t promote the demand.”

Social media is seen as a key contributor to the issue by Waddon, who says the breeds are “glamorised” online.

“People think this look is cute, but even holding one of them, you can hear how bad their breathing is.

“Some people think that is cute, and social media has gone a long way to glamorising that.

“We’ve got celebrities sharing their dogs to Instagram, and a lot people see that and think that’s the dog they want to have.”

The seizure is part of an ongoing prosecution case which included a litter of young puppies, and a heavily pregnant female, called Nana, who later gave birth in a foster home.

Waddon went on to discuss the trade in detail, claiming those selling the dogs are only concerned about profits.

She said: “This is about breeding wealth and not health.

"We need to enforce the breeding regulations, but it takes time. But what we’re telling the public now is to not fuel the demand.

“Go to a rescue if you actually want a French Bulldog, rescues are inundated with this breed right now.

“If you can’t get one from a rescue, choose a different breed.”