World's smallest foxes come to Devon zoo

A pair of the world's smallest species of fox has joined Exmoor Zoo.

Fennec foxes are native to the northern parts of Africa where they live in underground burrows in the desert.

The pair has settled into a purpose-built nest box in a heated indoor house at the zoo as part of the European fennec fox breeding programme.

The zoo's keepers have asked the public to help them name the pair.

Danny Reynolds, co-founder of Exmoor Zoo, said: "Their large ears help dispel heat and find underground prey and, much like the sand cats we also have here at the zoo, their extra fur around the pads of their feet help to avoid the heat from the sand.

"Their coat, kidneys and ears are also special, enabling them to survive in high daytime temperatures and survive on extremely little water, sometimes just from the prey they eat."

Fennec foxes are nocturnal and omnivorous, eating small mammals and reptiles as well as leaves and fruit.