Your guide to buying responsibly sourced palm oil products

Orangutans are endangered and at risk of extinction. Habitat destruction means hundreds of orphan orangutans need care every year. 

As consumers, we need to use our power at the checkout to continue to drive change in the palm oil industry. Pushing companies to only buy certified sustainable palm oil is one clear way of doing this.

This is why we are pleased to be able to share this updated Palm Oil Free & Certified Sustainable Palm Oil List.  We hope that this will help you make an informative choice about the products you purchase in the future, if you so choose. 

Please be aware that this list is not all inclusive and there may well be other products which are palm oil free or CSPO in the market. 

Please also keep in mind that companies change their recipes often, so we can't guarantee that this list is always current. It is a good idea to ring the makers help line and ask if you are unsure about the ingredients. The more calls manufacturers receive, the more they will realise that consumers really care about Palm Oil and truth in labelling.

 The single greatest threat facing orangutans today is habitat loss. The average annual rate of forest loss in Indonesia was 498,000 hectares (FAO, 2010) from 2000–2010, or the equivalent of over 55 rugby fields per hour.

The expanding palm oil industry has been a key driver of this deforestation.  In the decade to 2010, Indonesian plantation area nearly doubled to close to 8 million hectares and is expected to near 13 million hectares by 2020 (PWC, 2012).

Thanks for your support of orangutans, together we can make a difference!