More than 500 guinea pigs headed to Colorado animal rescue

Cavies and Canines Animal Rescue, a licensed guinea pig rescue in Colorado, is preparing to take in more than 500 guinea pigs from a breeder in Aurora that is unable to care for the growing population.

Natalie Riggs, president and executive director, said this is their largest case of surrendered guinea pigs from a single owner.

“It’s insane. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Riggs said. “We normally have about 50 guinea pigs in the rescue at any given time, and they’re all in foster homes in northern Colorado, [the] Denver metro area and a couple in Colorado Springs,” Riggs said.

Now, the rescue is working to find new homes for more than 500 guinea pigs, many of whom are pregnant and with health issues.

“This individual had been breeding for over 30 years, and their husband unexpectedly passed away last week. And as a result, they were trying to offload some of these guinea pigs to help ease the burden, so I offered to assist,” Riggs said.

On Sunday, Riggs said they coordinated a rescue of 60 guinea pigs, 50 of which were transported to Iowa overnight.

The facility’s biggest needs, according to Riggs, are donations and transport volunteers to bring guinea pigs to other rescues across the nation.

“If we can get as many out of that house as possible, I think not just the guinea pigs, but the human will also be in a better position to heal,” Riggs said.