Abandoned hamster rescued from London bus

An unwanted pet hamster has been rescued after being left on a London bus.

The Russian Dwarf hamster was discovered in Brent Cross earlier this month having been found abandoned in her cage along with clean bedding, food and water.

She was collected by RSPCA staff who named her Ivana and took her to the Southridge Animal Centre in Hertfordshire for rehoming.

The charity said it had seen increasing numbers of small pet abandonments as a result of the cost-of-living crisis

RSPCA animal rescue officer Philip Heyes, who collected Ivana from west London, called her abandonment "very undignified".

"It is very sad that she was left in this way, and we’re glad we could get to her before she came to harm," he said.

Ivana has been described as being a "very alert and active" hamster who loves running on her wheel and spinning backwards.

She is now ready for rehoming, the RSPCA said.

Mr Heyes added the number of pet abandonments had been increasing in the last year as "people are struggling to meet their basic needs", but reiterated that dumping animals was "never the answer".