Rescue centre takes in entire herd of goats to keep them together

Rays Farm in Billingsley, near Bridgnorth, announced its immediate closure earlier this month because of "matters outside [its] control" and put the animals up for sale.

The farm, popular with families from Shropshire, the Black Country and beyond, was hopeful that the goats would be rehomed together and its wish was granted thanks to Severn Valley Donkey and Dog Rescue just a few minutes drive away.

The rescue centre, also in Billingsley, decided to take in all 23 goats, 20 rabbits and guinea pigs, and more than 20 budgies and kakariki.

It announced its new residents on Facebook and said: "We thought you would all like this bit of exciting news..... With the sad closure of the local animal park 'Rays Farm', it was important that the animals all found safe homes.

"We are very pleased to announce that the very popular herd of goats from Rays Farm has come to live with us at Severn Valley Rescue - a total of 23 goats! We know how important it was to Rays Farm, and the many visitors, that the goats stayed as a tribe, and that people could also continue to visit them.

"We have also taken on 20 rabbits and guinea pigs, over 20 budgies and kakariki too."