Life ban from keeping all animals for Flitwick man who hit dog with a bat

A man has been banned from keeping all animals for life after he hit a dog with a bat.

Cameron Fisher, 23, of Greenways, Flitwick, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a Cane Corso type female dog called Bluey after hitting her with the bat, and was sentenced at Luton Magistrates Court on Octobet 6.

As well as a lifetime ban on keeping all animals he was also ordered to carry out a 12 month community order which included 150 hours unpaid work and a rehabilitation activity requirement of 20 days and pay costs of £1,000.

The court had been shown a video of the defendant with what looked like a small or child’s baseball bat hitting down left handed next to a dog training crate immediately followed by a dog yelping. While the incident is obscured by a fence, it is believed the dog was struck with the bat with some force causing the dog to yelp for an extended period of time.

The man can be heard speaking on the video and, among other things, says to the dog “What you f**** keep moving for”

Fisher was arrested by the police and Bluey was seized in September last year. RSPCA Inspector Jon Knight took over the animal welfare investigation.

Bluey was taken to a vet for examination where it was found she was around 5kgs underweight and her forelimbs were a little overloaded possibly due to lack of exercise. She was prescribed flea and worm treatments

A vet who was asked to view the footage said in a report: “In addition there is deliberate and repeated verbal and physical abuse of the dog. There is strong evidence of the dog cowering and being very frightened in the presence of the owner/keeper.”

Speaking after the case inspector Jon Knight said: “I am so pleased that we were able to help Bluey and that she can now live the rest of her life without fear and we are grateful to everyone involved with this case. This incident highlights that it is never acceptable to physically abuse your dog.”

Bluey was successfully rehomed by the RSPCA.