Human and dog counselling service launches to ease post-lockdown transition

A JOINT DOG and human counselling service has launched in the UK for the first time

The new service aims to help both pets and owners alike transition back into a sense of normality as lockdown eases across the country. According to research conducted by Naturo, a natural pet food brand, 33 percent of those with pets are worried about how their animals will cope in a post-lockdown world - suggesting that the classes have arrived at the perfect time.

The brand new classes will combine canine and human therapy practices in an effort to address pet issues from all angles, as well as offering a range of solutions-focused group sessions.

Naturo’s research inspired the services, as it was discovered that at least two in five dog owners would be leaving their pooch alone more often once society returns to some form of normality.

The sessions, dubbed “hound-selling,” are ideal for pet owners facing post-lockdown challenges, as well as animals that are likely to struggle with the adjustment.

Naturo is hoping to strengthen the bond between humans and their pets, focusing on the three key topics of separation anxiety, new relationships and renewed expectations of owning a net.

Those working at Naturo recognise that for some, the relationship they have with their beloved dog is as important as that of one with a human.