Iceland supermarket adopts Chester Zoo's penguins to help save attraction from permanent closure

British supermarket Iceland have adopted Chester Zoo's whole rookery of Humboldt penguins in a bid to support the popular attraction which is facing an uncertain future. 

Chester Zoo launched a campaign last Wednesday as government coronavirus laws keeping zoos shut mean it could be closed 'indefinitely'. 

The campaign has generated over £2million already and now supermarket giants Iceland have pledged to adopt the zoo's Humboldt penguins in another major boost for the attraction.

Richard Walker, Iceland's managing director, told Cheshire Live: 'We were all saddened to hear of Chester Zoo's recent struggles; it's the heart of the local community in Chester and a much loved family favourite – I remember visiting the zoo as a child and my own kids love going there. 

'We're proud to be able to lend them our support both through the adoption of the Humboldt penguins on behalf of our colleagues, and by lobbying in support of zoos being allowed to reopen soon. 

'The conservation work undertaken by the zoo is vital and along with the park itself reopening it is incredibly important that this amazing work is able to continue.' 

Iceland have also agreed to lobby the government on the zoo's behalf by way of campaigning for the current legislation to be amended to permit zoos to be opened with rigid social distancing guidelines in place.

The zoo’s Humboldt penguins have recently welcomed a crèche of chicks, which were named after NHS hospitals to pay respects to the hard work undertaken by the health service during the coronavirus crisis.

Ministers have announced a £14 million fund to support zoos, but the Zoological Society of London says the focus is on small grants for small zoos.