Labrador lucky to be alive after impaling herself on metal bar

A dog that impaled itself on a rusty metal bar has astounded her vets and owner after making a miraculous recovery in a matter of days.  

Poppy the labrador is lucky to be alive after falling onto the bar that was sticking out of the ground.

The horror injury happened while the dog was running around in a woodland area in Bury St Edmunds, in Suffolk earlier this month. 

The thick metal pole went right through the Poppy's body and out of the other end - leaving her stuck.

Fire crews were called to the scene to cut her free. She was rushed to Swayne and Partners vets who performed emergency surgery to remove the bar before keeping her in intensive care for two days.

X-Ray images show how the pole just narrowly avoided piercing any of Poppy’s vital organs.

Now, two weeks later, the lucky labrador has made a full recovery - leaving her vets and owner, Sally Rawlings, stunned. 

Posting an update on social media, the pooch's vets wrote: 'Not much surprises our Bury St Edmunds team, but this day certainly did.

'Our team were called to assist the fire service with a rescue.

'Poor Poppy had been running in the woods and unwittingly ran into a solid metal bar sticking out of the ground.

'The bar had passed straight through her body and out the other side, leaving her firmly stuck.

'When our team arrived on the scene, Poppy and her owners were amazingly calm.

'Claire and Laura sedated Poppy, allowing the fire service to safely cut her free.

'Poppy was then rushed back to the practice, where it was all hands on deck to get her to x-ray to assess the damage, and then into emergency surgery to safely remove the rest of the bar.

'Incredibly, the bar had missed all of Poppy’s vital organs, and after two days of intensive care from our nursing team, she was home with her family.

'Two weeks later, she has made a full recovery and has even been to visit the firefighters who rescued her.'

They added: 'Poppy has been the perfect patient from start to finish, and her owners deserve a medal for keeping a cool head in an incredibly nerve-wracking situation.'