An injured badger cub is being cared for by RSPCA Isle of Wight thanks to the quick-thinking actions of members of the public.

The lone cub was discovered curled up next to a footpath in Brighstone by local couple Rob and Annette Hickman.

Annette said: “While out walking our dogs we spotted the tiny badger which looked like it was in trouble. We could see it was bleeding and appeared very scared.

“We made contact with the Isle of Wight Badger Trust for advice and luckily they were able to come out immediately to assess the cub.”

Graham Lee from the Isle of Wight Badger Trust found the cub had a puncture wound to the head which needed attention.

Thankfully Green, Roberts and Butler – ‘The Carisbrooke Vets’ were able to see the cub straight away and after treatment it was taken to RSPCA Isle of Wight’s Godshill centre for specialist care while it recovers.

Graham said: "Unfortunately, at this time of year we find cubs who have wandered out of the sett and got lost or injured or sadly orphaned cubs wandering around after their mum has been run over on the road.

“It is really important that people keep a look out while walking in the countryside and contact us if they see a badger cub on its own. Please don’t attempt to pick up a badger cub, although they may look cute and cuddly, they are wild animals – so it is best left to the experts.”

Suzanne Pugh, Branch Manager at RSPCA Isle of Wight, said: “The cub is doing really well and will be transferred — thanks to support from Wightlink — to a dedicated wildlife hospital in Somerset next week where he will join other cubs of a similar age with the aim of releasing him into the wild when he is older.

“We are really grateful to Rob and Annette for spotting this animal in need and for the Isle of Wight Badger Trust and Carisbrooke vets for their swift response — it was super teamwork.

“While we don’t have our own rescue collection service on the Island, we work with local wildlife groups and vets whenever we can to take in animals in need — this is thanks to the generous donations of members of the public which allows us to operate our specialist centre for wildlife and pets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”